TLC driver make 1500 a week

TLC driver make 1500 a week
Штат: New York
Город : Brooklyn
Цена : 1500 $

TLC owner operators
Want to take home 100 percent of your tips and fares?
Well you don’t have to look any farther. We promise you won’t leave our base disappointed.
See why so many drivers prefer to work for our base instead of Lyft and Uber.
Simple keep 100percent of your tips and fares each day.
Make more money so you work less and make more. A trip from Brooklyn to Bronx 65 cash you keep it plus any tip. Etc

Don’t wait give us a call. For more info on joining. We operate through a very easy app. But the customers pay cash.
Text or call
Mr. Johnson 718 612 8267



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